Project Manager and Affiliate Chief Engineering Officer (CEO)


The German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovations (Bundesagentur für Sprunginnovationen SPRIND) will fund the development of non-traditional computing architectures such as Quantum Computing (QC), dedicated Machine Learning (ML) architectures and Analog Computing. Together with Anabrid, the affiliate (project) company Analog Intelligence was founded, with location in Frankfurt (Main), Germany. Anabrid is a world-leading expert in analog computing and will promote the production of the world's first versastile and General Purpose Analog Computer on a chip (GPAC-on-chip). The special strength of this project is the strong focus on (scientific) applications such as QC and ML.

For this company, we look for an extraordinary personality, a highly skilled, experienced and visionary leader. Together with a commercial manager, you will have free hand for building up a large and diverse team of engineers, scientists and developers from the domains of IC design, hardware and software architecture and various scientific domains from fundamental science up to life science, computer science and mathematics.

Minimum Qualification

  • Provable experience on project managament.
  • Eloquence, confidence and negotiating skills in a challenging public-private environment.
  • Excellent master degree or diploma from a university in a relevant field.
  • Many years of experience in one of the relevant fields (engineering, science or development).

Preferred Qualifications

  • Ideally experience on analog IC design and managament of such a project.
  • Ideally a PhD and a research track record in one of the relevant fields.
  • Ideally you have already lead a scientific project with public funding and experience in planning and reporting.
  • Ideally you have experience in public tendering processes in Germany.
  • Ideally you have long standing experience in staff leadership.

What you get from us

  • The possibility to build up a startup as a managing director without personal/financial risk.
  • A vibrant academic, focussed and international team of founders with similar interests.
  • A one-of-a-kind funding situation with public money in Germany.
  • The possibility to take over leadership responsiblity at the very first day. Full freedom of how to build a team.
  • A commitment of open source with the leading experts of German digital government.
  • Full flexibility and self-responsibility with respect to workplace and times. You have even the last word when it comes to choosing the office rooms.
  • You will be able to set up the best laboratory conditions, hardware and software thanks to generous and secure funding.

Interested? Send your Resumé to
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